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Keep your environment safe with automated thermal monitoring as part of your return-to-work strategy.

Thermal Monitoring

Protect your staff and visitors with screening of elevated skin-surface temperatures in entrances or in high traffic environments. Further reduce risk by avoiding any unnecessary human contact with an automated screening process.

Through proactive thermal monitoring, you can minimize downtime and disruptions to your business from staff absence and ensure staff feel safe every time they step into your building. As it shifts from being a precaution to a necessity, safeguard your environment regardless of whether it’s a medical building, transportation terminal, warehouse or manufacturing facility.

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Get your business up and running. And keep it that way.

NEW Thermal Camera Offer

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* No upfront costs. Your payment is spread over 12 or 24 months.

Adapts to any environment

You can install our thermal cameras virtually anywhere, including on walls, ceilings, poles or tripods. We can help you find a solution for your particular application, whether it’s restricting people to an entry point or screening people in high traffic areas. With thermal, optical and IR sensors, continue monitoring in a range of environments and even in zero-light conditions.

Automate your monitoring

With deep learning technology and video content analysis algorithms, the automated human body detection function in our thermal monitoring systems is able to screen up to 30 people simultaneously at a range of distances while ignoring other heat sources, allowing you to monitor in real time efficiently.

Eliminate false negatives

From its accurate thermal sensors with a precision of ±0.5° C, our thermal monitoring systems allow you to know with certainty. With its highly sensitive optical sensor that produces clear colour video in dim environments and automatic gain control, digital detail enhancement and digital noise reduction, block out the noise.

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