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24/7 local alarm monitoring keeps your home or business secure.

Security monitoring

No matter what type of security system you’re using (or considering) it’s having high quality 24/7 alarm monitoring that truly keeps you protected.

TELUS SmartHome Security is proud to locally monitor all of our customers’ systems directly from our ULC listed monitoring station located in Vancouver, BC.

Able to monitor through all forms of communication


TELUS Security services commercial and residential customers using a variety of surveillance methods, ranging from traditional dial up systems to DVACS, GSM cellular, and IP monitoring solutions. Our receivers are capable of handling alarm signals from a wide number of legacy alarm panels, as well as the latest Internet and cellular based systems.

Held to the highest standards in the industry

TELUS is listed for both ULC Fire and ULC Burglary. The insurance industry and municipal authorities recognize TELUS as a provider of fire system monitoring in multi-tenant residential applications, and intrusion alarm monitoring for high risk clients such as jewelry stores.

Disaster preparedness

In addition to the power and system redundancy that is part of a ULC listing, TELUS also performs daily off-site data storage, and has contingency plans to switch monitoring operations to an alternate site in the unlikely event of a local disaster.

Experienced operators to serve you better

As well as its ULC listings, TELUS carries a Five Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), which is the highest certification given, and testifies to the training standard of our central station operators, who have an average of 10 years experience in a monitoring capacity.

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The TELUS monitoring difference

  • Our monitoring station runs 24/7!
  • We support everything from legacy phone line alarm panels to the latest Internet and cellular based systems that feature smartphone control and more.
  • High standards of equipment, protocols, and emergency recovery give Acme the ULC certification to monitor the most high security and life safety systems in the industry.
  • Multilingual operating staff with the experience required to make the right decisions during emergency response.

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