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Access control removes the need for keys and improves your security.

Access control

Traditionally only used by government agencies and large corporations, an increasing number of organizations of all sizes are now recognizing the benefits of replacing their traditional key access with electronic access control systems. With access control you can decide who can get into different areas of your business and track their entries, exits and more. You can reduce vulnerabilities, gain new powers of oversight, and never have to worry about physical key-related issues again!

Access control systems provide you with the ability to:

  • Monitor employee access in and out of the building
  • Limit individuals access to specific areas and/or time periods
  • Automate schedules (lock and unlock doors, elevators and gates on specific dates and time periods)
  • Create temporary access without the risk of having to give out keys
  • Control access for multiple buildings from a centralized point
  • Deactivate lost or stolen cards/fobs without having to re-key locks

Streamlined protection

To reduce your administrative tasks even further, TELUS Custom Security Systems offers Managed Access Control, a service that allows you to shift the administration and management of your access control systems to TELUS Custom Security Systems’ certified, security-licensed personnel.

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