Security Services

TELUS Custom Security Systems offers a complete range of services to keep you safe.

TELUS Custom Security Systems services

TELUS Custom Security Systems is proud to be offer a complete suite of security products and monitoring services to keep your home or business safe and secure. We are ULC certified and have been protecting what matters most to people across British Columbia for decades.

Security monitoring

A security system can’t really keep you protected unless it’s professionally monitored all the time. TELUS Custom Security Systems is proud to locally monitor all of our customers’ systems from our own ULC listed monitoring station located in Vancouver, BC. We can handle alarm signals from legacy alarm panels as well as current Internet and cellular based systems. Our experienced operators are on deck 24/7 to ensure prompt response to any signals we receive.

Fire monitoring

ULC-listed fire alarm monitoring is a BC Building Code requirement and common municipal regulation that affects Building Developers, Contractors, Commercial Property Managers and Building Owners. TELUS Custom Security Systems carries a ULC Fire Listing, which enables us to monitor fire alarm systems and provide building owners and tenants with the required ULC Certificate needed for a final occupancy permit to be obtained.

Alarm systems

TELUS Custom Security Systems installs, services, and monitors wireless, hardwired, and high-security ULC certified alarm systems. A TELUS Custom Security Systems alarm system can provide protection for your home and/or business from intrusion & burglary, fire & smoke, carbon dioxide poisoning, temperature variations, floods & water leaks, and more. Remote access and control of alarm systems is an available feature!

Video surveillance

Live video monitoring, recording, and incident transmission provides peace of mind and a reassurance that a traditional security system cannot offer alone. There are a wide variety of camera, recording and service options available when choosing to protect your home or business with video surveillance. You can now get high-definition solutions offering remote viewing capabilities at affordable price points!

Access control

Replace traditional key access with electronic access control systems for increased efficiency and management power. You can decide who can get into different areas of your business and track their entries, exits and more. Reduce vulnerabilities, gain new powers of oversight, and never have to worry about physical key-related issues again!

Mobile apps

Have complete control of your security from wherever you are with the amazing features and remote control abilities that our apps can provide. They allow you to stay connected to your security system and your home or office using your computer, tablet and/or smartphone.

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