Acme Security Services & Monitoring

Local monitoring that has withstood the test of time.

By Investing in and unleashing the power of our people, Acme provides high quality technology and security services normally found in much larger monitoring stations – All while remaining locally owned and operated.

Able to monitor through all forms of communication.

Acme monitors both commercial and residential properties utilizing various Dial-up, DVAC, Cellular and Internet-based solutions.

Security Alarm Systems

Security Services - Acme Protective Systems Ltd.

Home or Business

Whether you are a home owner or operate a small or large business, Acme has a security alarm system that will protect your family, employees, possessions and property.

Certified Security Technicians

We install service and monitor high security ULC-Certified alarm systems. Have one of our trade-certified and security-licensed technicians help find a system that suits all of your individual needs today!

Across the board Protection

Acme provides protection for your home and/or business from a number of possible  events such as: burglary, fire, carbon dioxide poisoning, high or low temperatures, and flood or high water levels.  We also offer you remote access and control of your security system through the use of smart phones or other web based devices.

Video Solutions

Live Video Monitoring, Recording, and incident transmission provides the peace of mind and instant reassurance that a traditional security system cannot offer alone.

Recent advances in technology mean that there are now a wide variety of options available to consumers when choosing to protect their home or business.

These options include but are not limited to:

  • Upgrade to a network connected DVR and view your cameras from any browser or smart phone

  • Alarm Video Verification will send a video clip from before the alarm was even tripped, enabling our station to determine a false alarm before dispatching.

  • 24/7 Live video monitoring of sites by our ULC listed Monitoring Station - Along with regular virtual patrols of the property

  • IP Cameras connect to your home internet network, are easy to setup, and allow you to check in while on the go by combining a traditional alarm system

Access Control

With a growing demand from businesses to replace traditional key access, Acme is eager to meet all your electronic access needs.

  • Monitor employee access in and out of the building

  • Limit individuals access to specific areas and/or time periods

  • Automate schedules (Lock and unlock doors, elevators and gates on specific dates and time periods)

  • Create temporary access without the risk of having to give out keys

  • Control access for multiple buildings from a centralize point

  • Deactivate lost or stolen cards without having to re-key locks

Mobile Apps

Acme mobile applications allows you to stay connected to your security systems and your home or office using PC’s, smartphones, or any web device.


Through Acme Mobile Monitoring Applications, you can:
  • View live or stored video

  • View security system event history

  • Receive text messages and email alerts

  • Arm/disarm your system

  • Specify exact events you want to know about