Residential Security

Get a great deal on home security & automation packages!

Home security & automation packages

We now offer TWO new home security & automation packages that provide a fantastic security solution for you and your family at an attractively low price. From first-time owners to experienced buyers Acme has you covered!

These new packages offer the latest wireless security technology with the ability to remotely access and control your home on-the-go. As a leader in security technology and services Acme’s team is dedicated to ensuring your security needs are met through quality equipment, professional installation and superb customer care.

Enjoy the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from having a state-of-the-art home security system at a great price. See our package options below!

Save more with TELUS!

Current TELUS customers can save on these packages when signing up for a 3 or 5 year Home Security Services agreement with Acme. TELUS services that qualify for this discount include: Home Phone, Mobility, Internet or OptikTV.

Package options

All packages come with free installation and equipment, valued at $1,250 or more!

Package pricing is based on a term agreement. Contact us today to get started! Call (604) 731-8204 for more details.

– Secure Home –

As low as $25 per month!

Be directly connected to your security system using your smartphone, receive real-time notifications, and control smart home devices that you can optionally add.

The Secure Home package includes:

  • 3 door/window contacts
  • 1 pet-immune motion detector
  • 1 glassbreak detector
  • Smartphone app to control your system from anywhere, at any time

Secure Home package pricing

  • Pay $35 per month if you do not have any TELUS services
  • Pay $30 per month if you have 1 TELUS service
  • Pay $25 per month if you have 2 TELUS services

– Interactive Home –

As low as $35 per month!

Get a complete security solution with added smoke detection and your choice of additional interactive capabilities!

The Interactive Home package includes:

  • Everything from the Secure Home package, PLUS…
  • 1 smoke detector
  • AND your choice of 1 of the following items…
    • Doorbell camera
    • Outdoor camera
    • Indoor camera
    • Smart thermostat
    • Garage door opener
    • Smart electronic door lock

Interactive Home package pricing

  • Pay $45 per month if you do not have any TELUS services
  • Pay $40 per month if you have 1 TELUS service
  • Pay $35 per month if you have 2 TELUS services

Many smart home components can be added to these packages…

Doorbell camera

This WiFi-enabled HD camera has an integrated motion sensor, colour night-vision, a 180° field of view and two-way audio. See and speak with whomever is at your door – live – through your smartphone, no matter where you are! Cloud storage of recorded video clips is supported. This camera uses your existing doorbell wiring for power. The camera can be controlled remotely (and video viewed) via an app on your smart device.

Indoor/outdoor cameras

A variety of HD video cameras are available; these can be viewed live via app on smart devices. Power is usually needed at their installation location though some models can get power through their network cable. Cloud storage of recorded clips is supported. Many models offer IR night-vision that works to a distance of 40 feet or more. Outdoor cameras are IP67 weather-rated.

Smart thermostat

Save on energy costs with a smart thermostat. Actively monitor and manage your home’s climate (and power consumption) through your alarm system and control it through your smartphone! Multiple HVAC zones can be controlled and schedules programmed to maximize energy savings. HVAC can automatically adjust down when house is “armed” (unoccupied) and return to normal levels when “disarmed”. Adjust settings at any time from anywhere and instantly know if someone makes changes.

Smart electronic door locks

Smart door locks wirelessly communicate with your alarm system and can be remotely controlled through the system’s smartphone app. Never worry about keys again! Compatible with standard interior and exterior doors, these robust vandal-resistant locks are fully motorized and feature illuminated buttons. They’re powered by long-life lithium ion batteries.

Garage door controller

Conveniently open or close your garage door remotely through your alarm system. Compatible with virtually any automatic garage door opener; a wireless tilt sensor is placed on the inside of the garage door which reports open or closed to the controller. Controller makes audible and visual warnings prior to remotely activated door movement for safety.

Smart light bulbs & appliance control

Smart light bulbs are the simplest smart home devices you can have. Just screw them in and enjoy being able to control them right through your alarm system’s smartphone app. Simple wall plug-in modules enable remote smartphone control of any plugged-in light fixtures (on/off or dimmable) and small appliances.

Switch to Acme and save

Do you already have an older alarm system installed but wish it could offer you remote control and smart home features? Our Takeover Package allows you to use the equipment already installed in your home while enabling smartphone app control and the ability to add and control smart home devices in the future. Available as for as low as $18 per month if you have other TELUS services!

Contact us any time for more information about Acme’s affordable security packages!