ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

is a BC Building code requirement and regulation that affects Building Developers, Contractors, Commercial Property Managers and Building Owners.


Inadequate Fire Protection is no longer an option.

Fire Alarm Systems in new commercial buildings, new multi residential developments and all new fire system installations, must be monitored by a ULC ( Underwriters Laboratories of Canada ) approved method.  In order to ensure the Alarm Monitoring is in place and complies with the specific installation standard, a ULC Certificate is required prior to the release of a final occupancy permit.


The right choice for your next building project.

The ACME central station has been ULC certified for Fire monitoring since 1985, over 30 years.  Our company is a recognized provider and listed as a “full service” ULC company; meaning that we are able to install, service, inspect, certify and monitor Alarm Transmitters

Correct Backup Procedures

Our team is ready and capable of ensuring the correct monitoring system is in place so that your building gets its occupancy on time. To complement our surveillance systems we also offer the ability to store your video on remote servers, which eliminates the potential loss of video storage due to burning or theft.

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