Commercial Security

Safeguard your business with our commercial security services.

Commercial security solutions

We offer strong commercial security services from intrusion and environmental alarms to access control and remote video verification. No matter what level of protection you need, TELUS Security has you covered! You can see all of our available security services on this page.

High risk commercial businesses

Our commercial security services apply to many businesses such a jewellers, liquor stores, currency exchanges, art galleries and electronics suppliers who are at ‘high risk’ for property theft.

As such, insurance companies require certain types of businesses to have systems that meet the highest standards for alarm installation. The system design, alarm devices, installation methods and monitoring levels must meet defined criteria to be eligible for a ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) Certificate of Installation and Monitoring.

TELUS Security is one of very few ‘full service’ alarm companies in British Columbia that is certified to provide ULC installations to small and large businesses.

Industrial and institutional

Security for large enterprises involves more than physically securing the premises and detecting intruders. Tracking ingress and egress by employees and contractors, video recording for safety infractions, ensuring systems are armed on time, protecting company assets and data, whatever it is that you need to protect, TELUS Security has a solution for you.

TELUS Security installs and services intrusion and environmental alarms, managed access control systems, and video surveillance systems that can combine off-site video storage, remote access for viewing, and video verification. Professional installation by trained technicians with years of experience, quality system components, and expert system design means that your business is safe with TELUS Security.

Small business and retail

What do small business owners, warehouses and retailers all have in common when it comes to security? They rely on TELUS Security’s services to protect their investments without breaking budgets.

Intrusion alarms can be enhanced through the integration of video surveillance systems to provide video verification and video records of incidents.

We offer flexible options for new business start-ups – contact us today and have one of our certified staff find a solution for you!

Contact us any time for more information about our commercial security solutions!

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