Acme Protective Systems Limited is one of the largest security companies in Western Canada.

Acme Protective was established in 1930 and located in Vancouver, B.C.

About Acme

Based in Vancouver, we take pride in providing reliable monitoring services across Canada to residential and commercial clients alike.

As a ‘Full Service’ ULC listed Alarm Company, we are able to install, monitor and provide ULC Certified protection for high-risk clients using both fire and intrusion systems.

Why Choose Acme Protective Systems

  • Locally managed and staffed at our Vancouver offices since 1980

  • Compatible with everything from legacy phone line alarm panels to the latest high-tech internet communicators

  • High standard of equipment, protocols, and emergency recovery give ACME the license to monitor the most high security and life safety systems in the industry.

  • Multilingual operating staff with the experience required to make the right decisions during emergency response.

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Why Protect Yourself

Residential Burglaries

Forcible Entry

Front Door Entry

Burglaries in the Day